Saturday, 5 August 2017

Cattle trade ban rules were not placed before Parliament

  • The cattle slaughter ban rules of 2017 notified, u/s 38A of the Prevention of Cruelty Act of 1960, on May 23, 2017 were never laid before the Parliament, which is mandatory for the government before implementing them. Modifications agreed upon by both Houses of the Parliament should be incorporated in the rules, prior to implementation.
  • The government bypassed the Parliament, suppressed the scrutiny of rules by the elected representatives of the people of the country and killed the parent Act. All this when over 70% of the country is affected by the livestock rules and billions of dollars of export trade came to standstill.
  • Central government informed Supreme court that it is re-considering the entire body of the livestock market rules and promised that the rules in present format would not be implemented. But these rules in the current form are nevertheless in operation.
  • Rules, once notified, are the law. Government cannot say they will not implement them. The rules will continue to operate until government repeal them or court issues an injunction order.

Managers do things right. Leaders do right things

When will Modi realize that India is not his fiefdom to do as he likes. His style of working resembles Nizams of early 20th century. He is oath bound to work with in the framework of constitution, statutes, rules and procedures. He is such an adamant person who will never roll back his wrong doings and bulldozes everyone in fascist manner. He must be sent to attend some training course to make him realize his duties, responsibilities, powers and procedures to be followed in a democratic country. Modi is neither a leader nor a manager but a destroyer.

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