Thursday, 3 August 2017

IT raids Karnataka Congress Minister

  • During past one week 7 Congress MLAs defected to BJP, on the eve of Rajya Sabha polls, at the behest of BJP President Amit Shah who is also contesting.
  • The BJP & Modi's adventure is aimed at defeating Ahmed Patel, a Sonia Gandhi confident, who needs 47 votes while Congress party strength in Gujarat Assembly is 57 and also has the support of two NCP legislators and the lone JD(U) MLA.
  • Even after 7 MLAs defection is Congress & supporters are left with 53. Gujarat Congress MLAs, who were shifted to a private resort near Bengaluru a week ago, as BJP created “an atmosphere of fear” in Gujarat, ahead of the Rajya Sabha polls to be held on Aug 9, 2017. 
  • It is rumored that BJP's offer to defecting Congress MLA's is Rs.15 crores, ticket & funds for next elections. Shame on 'honest' Modi.
  • While IT raids are normal, but the timing on a Congress Minister sparks controversy, as he made arrangements for their stay. The raids were conducted by IT teams with the security cover of CRPF, an unprecedented step.
  • Curiously DK Shiva Kumar declared Rs.251 crores assets in his election affidavit, is in business since 30 years and filing IT returns regularly.
  • These I-T raids show Modi & BJP's utter desperation & frustration.
  • Modi is the most corrupt PM India ever got. He uses CBI, NIA, Election Commission & Income Tax Dept, ED as tools to harass opponents and opposition - some one tweeted.
  • There was no raid on Gali Janardhana Reddy's* daughter's lavish wedding during demonetization period when the expenditure was over Rs.500 crores against permitted cash expenditure limit of Rs.2 lakhs, during that period.*Was a BJP MLA & Minister in Karnataka when Yedurappa was CM.
  • While Modi talks about corruption etc in public domain, BJP is actively promoting defections and corruption. There is hardly any difference between Congress and BJP. Both are people looters.

While no one is saint politics and abuse of power by rulers is common in India, still there is some limit of decency which to some extent Congress & Vajpayee's BJP followed but Modi's BJP doesn't understand such things. While Congress was blatantly corrupt all through, how do any body explain sources of Rs.10,000 crores Modi's 2014 campaign expenditure and another Rs.10,000 crore Modi's UP election campaign 2017 expenditure? All are same in politics. Some more and some less. There is no such thing called better devil or lesser evil. Devil is a devil and evil is a evil.

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