Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Nitish Kumar: Rank opportunist

Nitish Kumar - Bihar CM - Who walked over into NDA

  • Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar basically decided that the time had come to jump the sinking ship of secularists and be on safe ground in 2019.
  • The man who had expressed such “moral outrage” at Modi being named the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate before the 2014 Lok Sabha polls citing Gujarat riots 2002, and managed to score such a spectacular victory in the 2015 Bihar Assembly polls for the grand alliance, has now has crashed the mahagatbandhan. 
  • The break from the RJD-Congress camp came with such clockwork precision that he deserved the title of ‘gross opportunist’. He resigned as chief minister; soon enough the Prime Minister tweeted, welcoming his resignation and “the fight against corruption”: the NDA offered support and Nitish was sworn in chief minister for the second time in two years in less than 24 hours... actually 16 hours! Can there be a better instance of quick engagement and marriage?
  • Lalu Prasad Yadav and his Rashtriya Janata Dal was already mired in corruption charges. The fodder scam during his regime in Bihar, the gross corruption for which he was known, the strong-arm tactics he used throughout his years in power to stifle dissent or opposition, were all in the public domain. If his conscience did not trouble him then, and secularism tilted the scales against corruption, why this volte-face now is the legitimate question?
  • Nitish has destroyed his lifetime credibility to retain his CM gaddi. Too big a price! 
  • At the moment he is in a cushy spot, all set to ride the 2019 speedboat to victory. But, if due to some miracle that does not happen, or the BJP’s breakneck speed at winning elections is halted, be prepared to hear Nitish sing the secularism mantra once again!
  • With his inner agenda thoroughly exposed, Nitish stands tall as one who is hypocrisy personified!

Politics without morality ... is one of the Gandhi's seven sins

Rank opportunism or smart politics?

Nitish Kumarr's power play in Bihar, while dealing a crippling blow to the entire mainstream opposition in India, sends out the unmistakable message that the BJP has started a no-holds-barred campaign for the 2019 elections ... Frontline. But what Modi and Nitish has to realize is that anti incumbency resulting out of their bad performance can in no way be compensated by crooked political stratagem. The Bihar electorate's emphatic rejection of BJP in 2015 was circumvented and now BJP occupying seats of power is betraying nation and its constitution. The least BJP should have done is to extend outside support to Nitish Kumar or the best way for Nitish Kumar was opting for mid term poll joining NDA. But power corrupts people absolutely. Nitish Kumar's conscience doesn't allow 10+ year old corruption matters of Lalu Prasad Yadav but has no problem in BJP backstabbing people of Bihar. What a cruel joke?

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